Maryland/Capital Kunst des Fechtens and the HEMA Alliance are proud to host Longpoint 2014; the fifth annual HEMA gathering for workshops and one of the largest competitive events in the US.

July 17th – 20th

Longpoint Livestream

Saturday at 5 PM EST

Events include:

  • Bring-Your-Own-Sword Open Steel Longsword and Women’s Longsword Tournaments
  • Open Synthetic Longsword Tournament
  • Singlestick Tournament
  • Ringen Tournament
  • BYOS Steel Messer Tournament
  • Cutting Competition with event-provided sword (or bring your own)
  • The Longpoint 2014 Triathlon
  • Paired Technique Competition
  • Invitational Counted Blows Tournament
  • Awards for every competition
  • Open floors for sparring every day


We’ve added a whole second room and an extra half day to better split up the classes and competitions!

  • Jessica Finley – “Don’t stand so close to me” – a study of wrestling, armed and otherwise.
  • Sean Hayes – Getting the Basics Right
  • Lee Smith – Exploiting Weaknesses
  • Axel Pettersson – How to Coach and Use Sparring Properly


Turf Valley Resort – Ellicott City, Maryland – USA